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NakedSwab is a reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to cotton swabs, buds and Q-tips.

1 NakedSwab = 2000 Cotton Swabs! 


NakedSwab tips are not secured to the post. They are meant to come off for easy cleaning and hygienic purposes. DO NOT insert swab into ear canal. Entering the ear canal could cause injury. If used to clean ears, stroke swab gently around outer surface of the ear only.

General FAQ
How do I clean my NakedSwab?
Cleaning your NakedSwab is quick and easy just using soap & water!

What is NakedSwab made of?
NakedSwab is made from Medical Silicone + Plastic 

How long does NakedSwab last?
NakedSwab has been designed to last for up to 2000 uses!

How do you dispose of a NakedSwab?
Depending on your recycling facilities in your country/ state, you can recycle. NakedSwab can not be flushed down the toilet.

Is the NakedSwab absorbent?
NakedSwab is not absorbent like a conventional cotton swab.

How do I use NakedSwab for beauty?
Dip the tips in makeup remover before use to get the most optimal result

Can I use NakedSwab to clean my ears?
NakedSwab is a sanitary, reusable alternative to cotton swabs, so it functions just the same.  Use NakedSwab like you would use the conventional cotton swab.

Does NakedSwab come in different sizes?
No, NakedSwab only comes in one size, which is identical to a standard cotton swab or q-tip.

Your product still has waste, so what's the point?
Finding sustainable ways, is not about being perfect, but finding small ways along the way that help our planet.  We believe in progress over perfection.