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If you have felt Bumblito Stretch Swaddles or Bee Covered Multi-Use Cover and wished they offered something in this fabric for you, now you are in luck! Bumblito beanies are designed to be worn 4 different ways:

- Wear it as a traditional slouch beanie.
- Pull your bun or ponytail through the hidden hole in the top.
- Wear it as a thick headband.
- Pull it down around your neck for when you need a little extra protection from the wind or blowing snow. 
These beanies come in two sizes to fit the whole family.

Toddler Size: head circumference of 20 inches or less
Adult Size: head circumference of 21+ inches
XL Size: head circumference of 22+ inches
Beanies may be machine dried on low or medium heat with like fabrics. Washing or drying with rough fabrics or velcro items may cause snags or pulls.