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Warm in a Microwave:
For instant relief from aches and paints. To provide soothing warmth and comfort, place this Warmies product in a microwave and heat in accordance with the heating guide on the package.
Please always ensure that this product is clean and dry before you use and that the microwave is clean and the turntable can rotate freely. 

Chill in a Freezer:
Great for headaches, migranes, sprains and bruising. Simply place in the freezer and chill for at least three hours. This Warmies product remains flexible when frozen, making it easy to apply to any area of the body. 

  • Simple to use -just warm in a microwave for up to 90 seconds
  • Can be reheated hundreds of times
  • Do NOT immerse in water or wash in the washing machine - surface clean only with a damp sponge
  • Allow to cool fully before reheating