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Our CleverlyPouch is one of our favorite products. Use this as a purse holding your phone, CleverlySleeve wallet, key, and various items. Or use the CleverlyPouch to hold a change of clothes for one of your kiddos. The size of the CleverlyPouch makes it the perfect small item organizer product.

*Please note, we have added the convenient wrist strap to the production version of the CleverlyPouch.

  • Detachable wrist strap that attaches anywhere and everywhere the CleverlyPouch is needed
  • Signature wipeable and water resistant canvas exterior and wipeable polyester interior material
  • Coordinated with our diaper bag backpack and every day totes
  • Holds most phone sizes
  • Dimensions – 7” tall, 1” deep, 5” wide, weighs 2.5oz


    Washing and Caring for Your Cleverly Products:

    After a mess occurs, first wipe the mess with a warm, water-only rag.  If water is insufficient, add a tiny bit of degreasing dish soap to your rag and wipe away the mess.  Rinse the dish soap with a warm, water-only rag.

    When extreme messes occur, place your Cleverly product into a mesh laundry bag for machine washing.  Wash your product with cold water on normal/regular soil.  When machine washing, we recommend a powder detergent that has the proper surfactants, enzymes, and water conditioners to clean any mess that could be on your bag.  We highly recommend washing all of our products with a Shout Color Catcher.

    If machine washing your CleverlyPack, please make sure to wash the interior and exterior sections separately. 

    Our CleverlySnack pouches are both dishwasher and washing machine safe.

    Always air dry your Cleverly items.